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Loading Image...The importance of securing food for a global population under increasing pressures from climate change, decreasing natural resources and land degradation represents a key threat for mankind.

We produced this report because of our belief that Agri-technology provides the means by which the productivity and efficiency of global agriculture and the effective distribution of food products may be achieved.

The report creates, for the first time, a comprehensive sector definition, underpinned by multiple data sources,  that is global in nature, includes multiple economic measures of performance and  is divided into 25 widely recognised sub sectors that contain highly detailed and actionable data on more than two and a half thousand Agri-technology markets.

This report has been prepared for managers, marketers, analysts, policy advisors, trade advisors, economists, researchers and technologists interested in the current economic impact and future potential of the Agri-technology sector. The report’s main purpose is to create an ongoing analytical baseline for the Global Agri-technology sector and to measure and benchmark national performance against different economic measures. In this first Global report national performance is assessed using individual measures of competitiveness such as sales, growth and exports.

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